Undergraduate Capstone: Marketing Campaign for the Kansas City Innovation Center


This is my senior capstone project at the William Allen White School of Journalism & Mass Communications. The course is designed to challenge students with developing a marketing campaign for a real-world client. This capstone course was led by Dr. Hyunjin Seo, with the client being the Kansas City Innovation Center. The client’s goal was to have a tactical plan for branding the Innovation Center for its June 2017 rollout in ways that set it apart from similar centers around the country.

Thirty students were divided into five groups, and each student was given a particular role for their group. These roles included research analytics director, account executive, creative director, public relations director. media/social media director and presentation director. For my group, I was in charge of research by gathering all data and assessing its relevancy to our project with the Innovation Center. I also served my team by leading the development of many creative and media concepts: partnerships, a community mural and Snapchat engagement.

In brief, our campaign was centered around community and personal growth. Focusing largely on the residents of Kansas City, our campaign placed an emphasis on improving the lives of those living and working in the community through collaborative entrepreneurial endeavors. Our campaign was one of two selected by the client for implementation. These campaigns both had elements the client thought worked well for the Innovation Center, and both are being meshed together for the rollout in June 2017.

For in-depth details of our campaign follow this link to a published PDF of the plansbook.