The Launching Pad

It wasn’t until about 4 p.m. last Thursday that I realized how much of summer has already gone. Of course, this is expected as I’ve been having a grade-A time in my role at Barkley.

Barkley’s headquarters in Kansas City.

Working in the Data & Analytics team has been a really enriching experience, and I’m grateful I was given the opportunity to join a team of twenty-some interns to work with a variety of clients. Thus far, I’ve analyzed data and created insights for Eurostar, Noodles & Company, Hershey’s Take 5, Cargill, Wingstop and Children’s Hospital. A group of the interns has been working on a summer project for Spirit Airlines.

Thinking back about pre-college goals, I realized I reached what I sought out to accomplish during my time at KU. Being a strategic communication major, I charted out three big goals for myself. The first was to intern with an editorial organization, second was to intern in PR/event planning and last was to work with a mid-size advertising agency.

My first goal completion came quickly. I remember sitting in my AmeriCorps dorm room in Englewood, CO with my soon-to-be boss at The University Daily Kansan. My role in the design department started as an introduction to the world of editorial branding/holistic marketing. Two years later, I departed that role to take on a new role in Washington DC with The Congressional Award. During that summer, I learned firsthand about our country’s political system, PR pitching and how to correctly order a dry martini. Many other roles have contributed to my professional growth as a sort of puzzle.

Now that I’ve been working at Barkley for nearly a month, I realize that my three goals are nearly complete. As I move forward, I’m growing more interested in learning more about the media side of advertising. Using data as a means to educate clients on how to move forward with their media plans has planted an idea that I can migrate my data-based mind into real application.

It’s hard to describe what working at Barkley is like, but I will say it’s like coming to work for Willy Wonka everyday. There’s never a dumb question, never a dumb idea and certainly not a dumb day. In many ways, I’ve seen every role I’ve had as a launching pad for personal and professional growth. Shoutout to everyone who has listened to me brag about how bomb being in the orbit of Barkley is. I wouldn’t be there without them.


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