I’m laying in bed in this super historic house in Baltimore owned by my aunt’s friend. The windows are open, breeze flowing, and the hum of insects is rocking me to sleep. This is how I will spend my first night on the east coast.

To take a step back, I’m here on the east coast, DC to be exact, for an internship with the Congressional Award as a Social Media Strategist. To simplify things, my main task is to connect congressional offices with the public, and my side-tasks are to collaborate with youth, Congressional Award alumni, and the public to enrich the lives of young Americans.

To say I’m ecstatic would be an understatement. This summer is my third go at real-world strategic communication experiences, as far as internships go, and I could talk all day about my goals for how I’ll connect Congress with the American people.

Here’s some highlights from my flights today:

  1. I saw Olympic Gold Medallist Michael Phelps at the Chicago O’Hare Airport
  2. I got upgraded to first class for free on my flight to Baltimore
  3. I was greeted with a great east-coast welcome from my aunt and her awesome friend (plus her dog Baxter)

– C

PS: Baltimore smells a little like popcorn and winter holidays. I can dig it.

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